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Which BBCOR Bat is Right For You? Get Some Insights Here!

Mizuno Maxcor

The viscoelastic polyurethane sleeve that surrounds the barrel, which literally acts as a trampoline for increased carry and distance, makes it unlike any bat you’ve ever swung. This distinguishing feature increases the sweet spot both up and down and side-to-side. Those tired of seeing their balls struggle to find their way out of the infield will appreciate the added pop Maxcor provides. If your swing is lacking, shake things up with this true original.


Marucci Cat7

Cat 7 is made from AZ4X alloy, the strongest alloy in Marucci’s arsenal. It also has a more responsive, optimized barrel to create a sweet spot twice as large as its predecessor, Cat 6. It’s a clean and consistent swing every time up, no surprises. If hitters know what they can expect from their bat, they can more easily stick to their approach and concentrate on the next pitch. That’s what Cat 7 users like: predictability, structure, and the comfort of a routine.


DeMarini CF Zen

CF Zen is the ideal companion for hitters who spend hours in the cage obsessing over their swing, visualizing every game situation, and refusing to accept anything less than the best from himself and his bat. CF Zen consists of 22% stronger Paraflex composite and has become the lightest swinging bat in DeMarini’s line – all accomplished without sacrificing barrel size. It’s the perfect blend of balance and power. It’s hard to believe something that sounds so peaceful can cause so much destruction.



DeMarini Voodoo

Voodoo has traditionally meant end-loaded, but since balanced bats are becoming more and more popular, DeMarini decided to offer it in a balanced version. This is accomplished by shifting more weight towards the hands, making it much lighter and easier to swing. The X14™ alloy barrel is stronger than ever, and the bat still generates the kind of pop you expect from a Voodoo despite its lower swing weight. So what’s the takeaway? Bigger, stronger kids aren’t the only ones who can swing Voodoo anymore.


DeMarini Voodoo One

Voodoo One is even more balanced than the aforementioned Voodoo for an even faster swing speed and easier handle. This bat is made from the same X14™ alloy, and the one-piece design is going to provide hitters with more feedback. It’s a great bat for contact hitters who want to be able to put the ball in a certain place (i.e. go the other way) or just put the ball in play. It’s also a bat that works when you’re behind in the count and must protect the plate. A fast, fun hitting machine that’s very easy to swing and control.


Rawlings Quatro

Quatro is the first four-piece BBCOR bat to ever hit the market. It consists of a stiff composite handle, hinge system that adds flex to help you drive through the ball, plus an inner and outer barrel that combine to give hitters a huge sweet spot. But perhaps what stands out most is the bat’s fluorescent cosmetics, sure to attract loud, free-swingers who love the big hit, the spotlight it shines on them, and the after-party. They play the game like they live life: with reckless abandon.


Rawlings Velo

You’ll be a fan of Velo because it cuts through the zone with the swiftness of a cheetah. The fiber reinforced end cap removes weight from the end to create a faster swing speed and more balance. Plus, this year’s model includes pOp 2.0™ technology which creates a larger barrel and 25% larger sweet spot. Velo is a good option for leadoff hitters looking to live on the bases. But it can do more than set the table. Because it’s so fast, it’s been known to clear the table.


Rawlings 5150

5150® bats are swung by champions – literally. They’ve powered teams to the CWS® 3 out of the last 5 years. pOp 2.0™ technology has been added to the barrel for a 25% larger sweet spot, and the responsive 5150® alloy is high-performing and durable. 5150® users aren’t that concerned with individual stats. The only stat they care about is the “W.” Hitters who use 5150® are disciplined: they work counts and wait for their pitch. They have no problem walking – whatever it takes to win..


Louisville Slugger Prime 917

Louisville Slugger has been around for well over a hundred years and sold more than 100,000,000 bats. Prime 917 will continue adding to that impressive total. The high-strength Microform composite provides a large sweet spot while TRU3 Technology maximizes trampoline effect and takes the sting out of your swing. Perfect for hitters looking for something elegant, smooth, and scorching hot right out of the wrapper – no break-in required, from the most popular bat brand in baseball history.


Louisville Slugger Solo 6

At the plate, you can feel very alone, so it makes sense to have a bat that embraces such isolation. Solo is the lightest-swinging one-piece bat on the market due to the new SBC (Speed Ballistic Composite) end cap, which is half the weight of a standard BBCOR end cap, making it feel like a -5. This one-of-a-kind bat is for hitters who aren’t afraid to stand in with two outs, the game resting on their shoulders. They know help isn’t on the way because they are the help, and that’s what compels them to deliver.


Louisville Slugger Omaha 517



Omaha is a proven performer. If you don’t know which bat to get, this is one you can and should turn to. The improved ST 7U1+ alloy makes it stronger and more durable. It’s also more end-loaded than Prime 917 and Solo 617 (although it’s still considered a balanced bat), so it’s capable of delivering fence-clearing distance, but you can also spray the field with it. Like all-around good players, it’s a bat you can depend on at a price that won’t break the bank.


Easton Mako Beast

The traditional Mako® has been upgraded with the Beast. It now has a 1.5” longer barrel, making it the largest barrel on a two-piece composite bat, and it still manages to be fast as hell. The silver and black graphics also give it a bad-to-the-bone attitude, which will perfectly suit the hitter unfazed by detention, the occasional parole violation, or a fastball high and tight because it just gives you a reason to brawl. With Beast though, you’ll settle for taking him yard. And remember, the bad boy always gets the girl.


Girls Fastpitch Indoor Softball Tournament for Special Olympics

Lee’s Sports was down in DuQuoin two weekends ago at the Special Olympics Fastpitch Indoor Softball Tournament at the SI Center. Here is a picture of the bat that was donated by Lee’s Sports.  Unfortunally, we did not get her name but she is with the Louisville Sluggers, out of Kentucky and she took home a Demarini CF9. Good luck!!

Part-Time Sports Retail Sales Associate

Lee’s Sports has an opening for a part time retail sales associate. 25-30 hours per week. Must be able to work on Saturdays and have flexible hours. Must be sports minded, have customer service knowledge and able to work in a fast pace work environment. Please send resume or a brief description of yourself to  Please include in your email that you are applying for the Part-Time position!


Lee’s Sports in Nashville has an opening for a Full-Time Sports Retail Sales Associate. Job duties consists of assisting customers with sports equipment, apparel and shoes, running a cash register, along with other retail related responsibilities.  Candidates need to be sports-minded, understand customer service principles, and have the ability to work in a fast-paced work environment.  Prior experience in retail sales or customer service a plus. Please send resumes to

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2nd Annual Beaver Rice Memorial Boys Baseball Winter Indoor Classic Bat Raffle Winner

This past weekend Lee’s Sports was a sponsor at the 2nd Annual Beaver Rice Memorial Boys Baseball Winter Indoor Classic to Benefit Special Olympics in Southern Illinois in Du Quoin, Illinois.

The bat raffle Winner was Jake Rogers.  He’s 12 years old and plays on the DuQuoin Middle School Warriors and he also plays in the summer on a 12U DuQuoin Indians baseball team.

Jake’s mom, Crystal, says….Thanks again for sponsoring the tournament…my son is on cloud nine!!